Use NoCodeAPI Google Sheet & Airtable Endpoint with Divjoy

This is a hobby blog. You can practice it in your hobby time to grow your skills in 4 areas :—

  • Create Airtable API
  • Create Google Sheet API
  • Learn fundamentals to React frameworks
  • Understand how forward thinking developers write their code 👉 DivJoy

Let’s start building our app.


  • NoCodeAPI Google Sheet or Airtable Endpoint
  • Divjoy Access

Step 1 : Link your data

Use NoCodeAPI Google Sheet & Airtable Endpoint with Divjoy

Choose either airtable or google sheet to link your app data.

      • Setup Airtable : Go to Google Sheet API to link your sheet data with our endpoint
      • Setup Google Sheet : Go to Airtable API to link your airtable data with our endpoint

Step 2 : Export your Code using DivJoy

Use NoCodeAPI Google Sheet & Airtable Endpoint with Divjoy
  • Go to the page.
  • Scroll down -> Choose your stack -> Expand More Options -> In Contact Form -> Select Google Sheet or Airtable -> Scroll down -> Choose your template.
  • You will see the playground to build & Customise the pages.
  • If you click on Contact page, you will see a form with NameEmail, & Message fields. We will use Google Sheet API end point to collect data and push to the sheet.

Step 3 : Test your code Locally

  • Download the code files & unzip folder to set .env variables.
  • Go through Read me file you got in divjoy downloaded folder. We are going to test this code in CodeSandBox in next step.

Step 4: Test with CodesandBox

Use NoCodeAPI Google Sheet & Airtable Endpoint with Divjoy
  • Export Code to CodeSandBox
  • Click on Open my CodeSandBox
  • You will see this CodeSandBox playground loaded with divjoy project.
  • Go to .env file and add REACT_APP_SHEETS_ENDPOINT with your NoCodeAPI Google Sheet endpoint, REACT_APP_SHEETS_TAB_ID with the Sheet Tab name, & Save.
  • Go to Contact page and test the form.

Conclusion 😀

This app is only a demonstration of how easy it is to create your app using react frameworks. Divjoy is an easy to use platform and gives you complete control of your code. It is highly recommended if you are short on time and your client can’t wait.

So,, this is it. I hope you enjoyed reading it. Give us a thumbs up on twitter at @nocodeapi.

Watch this demo in action 👇