Webflow is the modern visual website builder for all developers, if it’s coder, nocoders, or desginers. You can build anything with this tool like blogs, portfolio websites, e-commerce business, marketplace, landing pages for marketing, & lot’s of ideas.

One thing webflow don’t have that is advanced search API to integrte with the website. So, it’s now possible without any coding.

In this blog post, we are going to show you how you can sync your webflow cms data into algolia and use the Algolia endpoint into your project for the Advanced search feature.

If you want to skip this blog then watch the YouTube video in action ↳ Sync Webflow CMS data to Algolia

There are three steps:

  • Setup Webflow CMS API
  • Setup Algolia API
  • Use Integromat to automate

Setup Webflow CMS API

Login to NoCodeAPI, find the Webflow CMS into the Marketplace and activate this. You will see a page to set up Webflow CMS API endpoints. Click on Make Webflow CMS API

To set up Webflow CMS API you need an API Access of the project. You can watch the video below ↓

This is it

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