Get Your Pocket data as JSON APIs without code


Pocket is a web tool for managing a reading list of articles and videos from the Internet.

Getting Started

We are assuming that you already signup on If not then first make an account and activate Pocket API from Marketplace.

To make Pocket API you have to Authenticate with your Pocket Account.

Click on Create Pocket API button then Authenticate with your Pocket Account. After authenticate you will be redirected back to the NoCodeAPI with a Modal, just follow the form and click on Create button. 🎉 Done!


There are following endpoints for Pocket API:

  • Retrieve Items – To retrieve item(s) from a user’s Pocket list.
  • Add Item – Add single Item into pocket list
  • Modify – Modify endpoint allow you make a change or batch several changes to a user’s list or Pocket data.

Video Tutorial

If you love video tutorial then we also have video tutorial for you.

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