NoCode Forms

NoCode Forms

Build forms without writing a single line of code. NoCode forms connected with thousand of tools.


You can use your own HTML or JavaScript form or copy one of our prebuilt templates. NoCodeAPI Forms accepts and parses your form submission automatically, take care of all security checks so you do not have to. Your forms are stored encrypted and they are fetched for you, either on NoCodeAPI Dashboard

  • Secure & Encrypted forms
  • No Server Setup Required
  • 100% deliverability always
  • Take submitted form data to a JSON format
  • Any field, without coding
  • Works with React, Jquery, VueJS, Simple HTML Code
  • No SMTP Server required
  • Add Automated Auto-Replies
  • Auto Spam Block

By also using the Workflows addon, you can connect your form with multiple other integrations.

  • NoCode Form with Google Spreadsheets
  • NoCode Form with Airtable
  • NoCode Form with Notion
  • NoCode Form with Webflow
  • NoCode Form with Softr
  • NoCode Form with Zapier

Getting started

We are assuming that you already signup on If not then first make an account and activate NoCode Forms from the Marketplace


There are the following endpoints for Google Sheet API:

  • Send Data – Send all your form fields to your NoCodeAPI DB, save them and then use them as a JSON format to build applications
  • Removed Stored Data – Removed stored data in Nocode database
  • Search in form data – Search or get your form data from NoCode Database

Video Tutorial

Video Tutorial comming Soon

Changes Log

01 / Jan / 2023


  • NoCodeAPI Forms Released

What is NoCodeAPI and how does it work?

NoCodeAPI is a new API that allows you to create and send forms without the need for a server or SMTP. It works by allowing you to create forms using any type of HTML field, which can then be sent directly through the API.

Can I use any type of HTML field with NoCodeAPI?

Yes, you can use any type of HTML field with NoCodeAPI. This means that you can create forms with text inputs, dropdown menus, checkboxes, radio buttons, and more.

Do I need a server or SMTP to send NoCode forms?

No, you do not need a server or SMTP to send NoCode forms. The API handles all of the form submission and data delivery, so you can focus on creating the form itself.

Is NoCodeAPI suitable for all types of forms?

NoCodeAPI is suitable for a wide range of forms, including contact forms, survey forms, registration forms, and more. It is particularly useful for forms that do not require a server or complex backend functionality.

What type of HTML fields I can use for NoCodeAPI forms?

You can use any type of HTML field.

  • Text Area
  • TextBox
  • Dropdown
  • Select Box
  • Toggle
  • Radio Button
  • Check Box