Google Search Console

Google Search Console

Access Google Search Console data with simple JSON endpoint without backend and server.


Google Search Console(Webmaster) is tracking tool to track the source of users on your website search results according to keywords, country, website pages ranks, & more. Let’s get these data with nocode.

Getting Started

We are assuming that you already signup on If not then first make an account and activate Google Search Console API from Marketplace.

Click on Create Google Search Console API button then authenticate with your Google Account. After authenticate you will be redirected back to the NoCodeAPI with Modal, just follow the form and click on Create button. 🎉 Done!


There are following endpoints for YouTube API:

  • List Sites – Lists the user’s Search Console sites.
  • Search Analytics – Query your search traffic data with filters and parameters that you define. The method returns zero or more rows grouped by the row keys (dimensions) that you define. You must define a date range of one or more days.
  • Get Sitemaps – Lists the sitemaps-entries submitted for this site, or included in the sitemap index file
  • Add Sitemap – Submits a sitemap for a site.
  • Delete Sitemap – Deletes a sitemap from this site.