Uptime Robot API

Uptime Robot is a tool that keeps Monitors the status of your applications and notifies when it gets down, up through email.

Get Monitors

Make GET request on this endpoint to get monitors with required parameters(if any required).


- Request Parameters:

monitors[Required] (if not used, will return all monitors in an account. Else, it is possible to define any number of monitors with their IDs like: monitors=15830-32696-83920)

Add new Monitor

Make POST request on this endpoint to add new monitor with required parameters(if any required).


- Request Parameters:

friendlyName[Required] Give a name to this monitor
url[Required] URL of the website
type[Optional] Monitor Type. 1 - HTTP(s), 2 - Keyword, 3 - Ping, 4 - Port,
interval[Optional] Monitor interval. Ex: 4
keyword_type[Optional] required for keyword monitoring. 1 - exists or 2 - not exists
keyword_value[Optional] required for keyword monitoring
alert_contacts[Optional] alert_contacts=457_0_0-373_5_0-8956_2_3 where alert_contact>ids are seperated with - and threshold + recurrence are seperated with _. For ex: alert_contacts=457_5_0 refers to 457 being the alert_contact>id, 5 being the threshold and 0 being the recurrence. Use `getAlertContacts` endpoint to get ids

Get Alert Contacts

Make GET request on this endpoint to get alert contacts with required parameters(if any required).

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