Instagram API

Instagram API

Get your instagram feed as JSON response without any complexity. Instagram API Intgeration.


Get your Instagram feeds as JSON to embed into your portfolio website or your product with NoCodeAPI without coding and server setup.

We are assuming that you already signup on If not then first make an account and activate Instagram API from Marketplace.

Getting Started

  • To make Instagram we need your Instagram Long live Access Token.

    • Go here & Create an App.
    • Find Instagram card and click on Set Up
    • Go to Products -> Instagram -> Basic Display -> Create App
    • Click on Add or Remove Instagram Testers
    • Scroll down and find Instagram Testers
    • Add your Instagram account as Tester
    • Now go here to Accept the invitation.
    • Go to Products -> Instagram -> Basic Display -> Click on Generate Token
    • Copy that token.

    Click on Create Instagram API button then put required values into form and click on Create button. 🎉 Done!


There are following endpoints for Instagram APIs:

    • Profile feeds – Get all your Instagram profile feeds with simple REST API.
    • Single feed – Get single feed by feed id

Video Tutorial

If you love video tutorial then we also have video tutorial for you.

What is NoCodeAPI for Instagram API

Are you looking for a solution to fetch your Instagram feed without writing any code? We have built this handy wrapper for Instagram API so that you no longer need write any code and can fetch your latest posts from your feed in minutes. A wrapper for Instagram API allowing you to fetch your Instagram feed without any code. This is a great opportunity to learn new APIs or quickly see how to use a third party service, with minimal effort.

How to use Instagram API Wrapper

With NoCode, you can use the Instagram API Wrapper without coding. You can connect your account and see data from the Instagram API. But to do anything that goes beyond basic functionality, you’ll need to sign up for an Instagram business account and add permissions through your app dashboard.
To use the Instagram API Wrapper with NoCode, you need to sign in to the Instagram developer portal at and create an application. After creating an application, there are two ways that you can get your access_token: via OAuth 2.0 or by using our “No Code” option. You can check more at Instagram API Docs

What can I use the Instagram API for?

The Instagram API (Application programming interface) lets you build interactive, real-time experiences to help your users explore their world in different ways. With the API, you can create an application that lets users upload photos to your site and/or view content they’ve previously uploaded. The possibilities are endless!

You can use NoCodeAPI to build:

  • API Mobile Applications
  •  SAAS Applications to fetch Instagram Feed
  • Multi User Feeds
  • Advanced Shopping feeds with Instagram API
  • WordPress Instagram Widgets