Get your Ghost CMS content data as JSON API in one click


Ghost is the best CMS used by most of the people to write their content. There are many use case to build Ghost CMS API and one of is to build custom blog and content powering through their API.

So, you can build your Ghost CMS API with hassle free and focus on content creation.

Getting Started

We are assuming that you already signup on If not then first make an account and activate Ghost CMS API from Marketplace.

To make Ghost CMS API we need two values:

  • Content API Key – Login into your Ghost CMS and go to Settings -> Integrations -> Make Custom integration
  • API URL – API url of your Ghost CMS

Click on Create Cloudinary API button then put required values into form and click on Create button. 🎉 Done!


There are following endpoints for Ghost CMS API:

  • Get All Posts – List all posts of your Ghost CMS.
  • Get Single Post – Single object of your posts.

Video Tutorial

If you love video tutorial then we also have video tutorial for you.

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