Currency Exchange

Currency Exchange

Free & reliable Currency exchange rates API for real-time, Foreign exchange rates, currency conversion, and historical data with a single API.


We have super reliable and trusted source for forex data. With Currency Exchange API you can get real time rates of currency for 144 countries.

Getting Started

We are assuming that you already signup onĀ If not then first make an account andĀ activateĀ Currency Exchange API fromĀ Marketplace.

To make Currecny API just give a name and that’s all.

Click onĀ Create Currency Exchange APIĀ button then put required values into form and click onĀ CreateĀ button. šŸŽ‰ Done


There are following endpoints for Currency Exchange API:

  • Currency RatesĀ – Get the Currency prices(rates) and exchanges to other currency.
  • Currency Convert RatesĀ – Convert One currency amount into another currency amount with simple API call.
  • Supported CountriesĀ – Currently, we are supporting 144 Countries with trusted and reliable rates.