With Google Analytics NoCodeAPI you can easily access your analytics data and use to build nice and clean view to analyse. So, let's build an open page of google analytics for your website.

First make Goolge Analytics NoCode API into your account and if you don't know how to make then just follow this tutorial. Build Google Analytics NoCodeAPI.

When you will finish your Google Analytics API then you will see this card. We need API endpoint.

Google Analytics API Card

You can design your inteface as you want but here I'm using basic interface. Here is a basic framework.

GA wireframe

Below are endpoints example to get pageview & users, traffic source, top pages, screens, browsers & countries.

Pageview & Users

const url = [your_api_endpooint]?metrics=pageviews,users&startDate=30daysAgo&dimensions=date

Traffic Source

const url = [your_api_endpooint]?metrics=pageviews&startDate=30daysAgo&dimensions=source&orderBys=descending

Top Pages

const url = [your_api_endpooint]?metrics=pageviews&startDate=30daysAgo&dimensions=pagePath&orderBys=descending


const url = [your_api_endpooint]?metrics=users&startDate=30daysAgo&dimensions=deviceCategory&orderBys=descending


const url = [your_api_endpooint]?metrics=users&startDate=30daysAgo&dimensions=browser&orderBys=descending


const url = [your_api_endpooint]?metrics=users&startDate=30daysAgo&dimensions=country&orderBys=descending

I'm not writing complete code into this blog post. So, I'm just adding codesandbox link and you can use this template and play around into web.

View Code into Codesandbox

Yes, That's all. If you have any other use cases then let us know about that. So, we can make an blog post about that.