In this blog, I'll show you the easiest way to setup Telegram Bot API without writing any code, without server setup, & get currecny rates notification daily.


Setup Telegram Bot

Telegram have an Official bot(@botfather) to make bot. Search for the name "@botfather" in the telegram search and add this to send command.

Type /newbot to start setting new bot & follow the instructions by bot.


When you finished making bot you will get the access token.

Now go to NoCodeAPI marketplace and activate Telegram API. After that, you have to click on Make Telegram Webhook API Button and fill the form fields.

Telegram Form

After adding bot token you can see the dropdown fields. If there is no option to select then send some dummy message in the bot and click on Refresh Dropdown.

Now your Telegram Bot API ready to send JSON Object & send text.

Send JSON Object

Send Text

Get Currency Exchange API

NoCodeAPI also have Currency Rates API in the marketplace. Go to marketplace and avtivate Currency Exchange API and make new endpoint by click on the button.


Use Integromat to automate

Now we have Telegram & Currency rates API ready. We just have to automate the process to get notification on a cycle with the help of integromat.

You can make account here

I want every day USD conversion in INR. So, we have endpoint to convert one currency rate into another.


    "query": {
        "from": "USD",
        "to": "INR",
        "amount": 1
    "info": {
        "time": 1596291004553,
        "rate": 75.2399
    "result": 75.2399,
    "text": "1 USD = 75.2399 INR"

We will use this endpoint and we need just text values to pass into Telegram API. So, we need two HTTP steps to run this automation.

One GET HTTP to make Currecny Exchange API call & Second HTTP to accept first request responce data and POST call to Telegram API.

One Step Screenshoot: You have to set scheduling time to first step to execute this flow.

Currency Exchange API

Second Step Screenshoot: In this second step we using bindKeys param to get only text values.

Currency Exchange API

Here is my results on every 15 minutes.

Telegram Messages

That's all we have and there are lot's of usecases you can do. Go and try it now.