List of endpoints

Website Screenshot API

Capture screenshot of any URL and convert them to JPG or PNG with REST API.

Take Screenshot

Make GET request on this endpoint to take screenshot with required parameters(if any required).

– Request Parameters :
Object Description
url [Required] The full URL (including the HTTP & HTTPS Protocol) of the website you want to take screenshot.
file_name [Optional] Specify a image name of up to 180 characters.
full_page [Optional]  set true if you want to take full page screenshot.
delay [Optional] specify a delay before screenshot is captured (in seconds)
viewport [Optional] specify your preferred viewport dimensions in pixels. default 1440x900
encoding [Optional] The encoding of the image, can be either base64 or binary
format [Optional] set your preferred image output format. default is png
inline [Optional] set to show to display screenshot, download to download screenshot & json to get JSON response with image URL
user_agent [Optional] You can read about this here User-Agent.

List all Screenshots

Make GET request on this endpoint to list all documents with required parameters(if any required).

– Request Parameters :