List of endpoints

Smartsheet API

Programmatically access and manage your organization’s Smartsheet data with simple REST API

List Sheets

Make GET request on this endpoint to list sheets with required parameters(if any required).



Sheet Data

Make GET request on this endpoint to sheet data with required parameters(if any required).


– Request Parameters :
Object Description
sheetId [Required] Sheet ID
dataFormat [Optional] defauls is smartsheet return. pass csv -> to get csv result or keyValue -> to get key value pair data.
columnIds [Optional] a comma-separated list of column Ids.
page [Optional] which page number (1-based) to return.
pageSize [Optional] number of rows per page to include with the sheet.
rowIds [Optional] a comma-separated list of row Ids on which to filter the rows included in the result
rowNumbers [Optional] a comma-separated list of row numbers on which to filter the rows included in the result.
rowsModifiedSince [Optional] filter to return only rows that have been modified since the date/time provided. Date should be in ISO-8601 format, for example, rowsModifiedSince=2020-01-30T13:25:32-07:00.