Slack is used to collaborate with team and most consumable tool. So, people use slack to get notification for all there service like if webiste down then get notofication, meeting remind, to view todo task and there are countlesss use cases of slack.

So, you can easily build slack hook and that send data on that hook to get notification into a specific slack channel.

I'm assuming that you already signup on If not then first make an account there and activate Slack Hook API from Marketplace.

To make Slack hook there are 2 steps:


  • Create an Slack App Here
  • Install Slack App into your workplace
  • Add the scopes you want to use
  • After Installation you will get the OAuth Token

To make Twitter API we need 2 values:

  • OAuth token - Token you got after slack app installation.
  • Channel Id - The Slack Channel ID in which you wanna send notification.

Here! your Slack Hook API is ready and Now you can use the endpoint into your application. Here I'm adding image of API card with highlight features.

Yes, That's all. If you have some correction on this page. then just let us know.