List of endpoints


Seamless way to generate High quality PDFs of any webpages & HTML with API


Make GET request on this endpoint to url to pdf with required parameters(if any required).<username>/pdf/<token>/url2pdf

- Request Parameters:

url[Required] web url to convert into PDF
inline[Optional] set download to download PDF document & json to get JSON response with PDF remote URL
ttl[Optional] the time (in seconds) a generated PDF is cached. default is (2,592,000 = 30 days)
force[Optional] set to 1 to force new PDF
scope[Optional] specify page zoom factor as scope param between 0.1 to 2
user_agent[Optional] You can read about this here User-Agent.
document_size[Optional] preferred page size, e.g. Letter, Legal, Tabloid, Ledger, A0, A1, A2, A3, A4, A5, A6 etc.
page_width[Optional] page width, e.g. 200 (overrides page_format).
page_height[Optional] page height, e.g. 600 (overrides page_format).
orientation[Optional] set to portrait or landscape.
margin_top[Optional] set to preferred top margin value (numeric), e.g. 5.
margin_bottom[Optional] set to preferred bottom margin value (numeric), e.g. 5.
margin_left[Optional] set to preferred left margin value (numeric), e.g. 5.
margin_right[Optional] set to preferred right margin value (numeric), e.g. 5.
footer_template[Optional] set true if you want to show footer.
footer_title[Optional] pass footer title with footer_title query param.
viewport[Optional] Set to preferred viewport "width x height", e.g. 320x480.
footer_template[Optional] characters.
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