Google Fit API

Get your google fit data sources and aggregate user datasets without any coding and server setup. Simple JSON API for your google fit projects, charts, & visuals.

Data Sources List

Make GET request on this endpoint to data sources list with required parameters(if any required).<username>/fit/<token>/dataSourcesList

Aggregate Datasets

Make GET request on this endpoint to aggregate datasets with required parameters(if any required).<username>/fit/<token>/aggregatesDatasets

- Request Parameters:

dataTypeName[Required] Data Type name. You can pass mutiple by seprated commas. valid values are steps_count, active_minutes, calories_expended, heart_minutes, sleep_segment, weight, activity_summary
timePeriod[Optional] Your datasets time period. by default is 7days(you will get last 7 days datasets). Valid values are: today, 7days, 30days
durationTime[Optional] By default data is returning for every day. You can also get data per hour. Valid values are daily, hourly
formatData[Optional] By default we are formating your data for you. Just pass query param formatData as false then your will get original response
customTimePeriod[Optional] This will overlap timePeriod query param. the format for this will be like an array [startTime,endTime] and dates are passed as strings encoded according to RFC. Example: ["Tue, 20 Jul 2021 07:17:33 GMT","Tue, 16 Jul 2021 07:17:33 GMT"]
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