Bypass Airtable API limit and make unlimited requests

Automate your airtable workflow with NoCodeAPI

Airtable is a great app to automate your workflow. You can keep your payment records, habit tracks, todos, estimations of your next project — all at one place. It is today’s Excel file. Unlike Excel, you can easily use airtable as a database for your website.

Key Issue :— Airtable API is hard to integrate, because it has limits. Read below 👇

By default, every GET request has 60 seconds of caching means the first API call will come from a third party application API and other API calls under the next 60 seconds from the caching server.

Confusing ? It is ! Below is a work around to fetching airtable data to your website without getting into unnecessary details.

Step 1 : Get your Airtable API Key

  • Click here 👉 airtable/account · to go to airtable account’s page.
  • Click on Generate API Key under the API heading.
  • Click on password input field to pick your API Key.

Step 2 : Get your Airtable Base ID

  • Click here 👉 airtable/api · to go to airtable’s API page.
  • Click on your airtable base (Base is your file name).
  • Copy your Base ID — It starts with letters app

Step 3 : Add this data to NoCodeAPI

    • Sign In to your nocodeapi dashboard.
    • Go to Marketplace
    • Activate your Airtable app
    • Click on “Make Airtable API”
    • Fill in API Key (from Step 1) and Base Id (from Step 2)
    • Press the “Create” button

Step 4 : Test if it is working Ok

      • Click on “Open Playground” button just above your generated Api
      • Select “Get” on the appeared sidebar
      • Select “Try it out”
      • Enter your tableName ( this is the sheet name of your airtable base )
      • Press “Execute” to test it

    You should get a 200 response with all rows in your airtable listed in JSON format.

    Conclusion  😀

    This is it. Before you leave, some benefits that nocodeapi gave you :—

        • Bypass limit – We are using caching technology for this.
        • API response is Fast.
        • You can track all your logs
        • No Server Headache

    Plus — You do not have to understand the lengthy boring airtable documentation. That is built for nerds like me.

    I hope you enjoyed this blog. You can watch us grow on twitter at nocodeapi.

    Thank you. ✌️

    Advanced Readers

    You can customise the caching time if you are a paid user on airtable. Just pass cacheTime (in seconds) as query param with your api end point.

    Now your endpoint will be cached for 900 seconds(15 minutes).